Attorney Referrals

How It Works

Many of our cases come from other attorneys and we gladly pay referral fees. In fact, we consistently pay more than $1 million in referral fees every year.

Because we specialize in trying cases, and because of our resources and experience, we are often brought in when a case fails to settle. In other situations, a client is directed to us at the outset, and we sign the client to our contract as opposed to that of the referring attorney. Regardless of when we are brought into a case, we pay referral fees and work as closely with the referring attorney as that attorney desires.

Once we are brought into a case, we either become sole counsel of record or we become lead counsel. In either situation, we take primary responsibility for strategy, discovery, trial preparation, settlement negotiations, witness-gathering, expert witness procurement, trial, post-trial (including liens), and appeals.

Our referral fees are competitive with those of the other high quality trial lawyers in the Bay Area and can vary depending on the amount of input, work, and expense contributed by the referring attorney. Within the provisions of California law and the Code of Ethics, we always pay something for the referring attorney’s work—and that payment can range as high as 50% in some situations.

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I want to publicly thank Jeff Walker for offering to be the trial lawyer if I got conflicted out. Notably, he did not ask about the case, but simply stepped up to the plate. With this backup, I was able to grind them down, and they folded. Thank you, Jeff. You are a true gentleman.

- Mike Padway, Attorney

April 1, 2024
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It was MY absolute pleasure to work with Clarissa. She is a reliable, compassionate, and kind-hearted attorney who is clearly committed to her client. She made my job easier.

- - Neuropsychological Expert

February 9, 2023
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Clarissa, I just want to say thank you again for truly representing me through what at times was a very taxing process for me. I learned a great deal about the legal system and how important it is to have true, proper, honest representation. I never once had to question your ability or willingness to represent me.

- Carol H.

November 21, 2022

Working with Skip Walker and Clarissa Kearns was quite an impressive experience. Skip and Clarissa were very professional, both in their interactions with me and opposing counsel. They were thoroughly prepared and polished during proceedings, making opposing counsel look like the ‘junior varsity’. They did very well by me.

- Anonymous

January 1, 2013
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Intelligent, professional, proactive, and compassionate winners! As Skip Walker skillfully guided our mediation with the opposition, Clarissa Kearns swiftly added value to my case with her brilliant, well-researched and touchless brief. This undeterrable team is exciting to work with!

- Robin E.

August 2022
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We are grateful to you for representing us in our case and for ensuring the best possible outcome on our behalf. Thank you for your passionate, thoughtful, and brilliant work.

- M. H.

August 2022

This law firm is impeccable in all of its dealings. They worked with me for over three years and were unbelievably responsive, attentive and reliable. These attorneys not only are diligent, but they are also very caring individuals. Walker, Hamilton, and Koenig may be one of the last honest law firms. You can not go wrong with them.

- Anonymous

January 1, 2013

Thank you for the follow up and for always having my best interest in mind. I was just remarking to a friend today that working with attorneys is a hit or miss journey and that you have set an example for how things can and should be.

- David H.

May 12, 2020

We were victims in an unfortunate event. Our situation after this was quite difficult, and a lawyer friend of ours recommended WHK to us. They handled our case and our general worries, allowing us to focus on our family. What was otherwise an unpleasant experience was made better by the professional, thorough, effective and kind services of Clarissa and the team. We are very thankful, and would recommend WHK to others.

- K. M.

April 21, 2015

I just wanted to write a short note of thank you for all your hard work on my case. This was my very first (and hopefully only) experience as a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit. And you and your law firm walked me through every step of the process patiently, making sure I understood the steps taken and felt comfortable with the process. I know that this case was somewhat unusual in the way that things happened and it was quite a roller coaster. Thank you so much for everything. As you know, I suffered a great trauma when I had my bicycle accident. I was worried that the law suit might also end up being traumatic. Although it was difficult, as it made me re-live the incident for much longer than I would have wanted to, I now feel like I have some closure. I will be recommending Walker, Hamilton and Koenig to anyone who has the need for a personal injury attorney.

- M. R.

April 26, 2015