Dangerous Consumer Goods

Dangerous Consumer Goods

San Francisco Consumer Product Injury Attorneys

Results-Oriented Representation for Victims of Defective Products

When we buy a product for use in the home or for personal purposes, we expect it not to fail. When it does fail and a serious injury happens, the consumer can claim compensation through a product liability lawsuit. Consumer products companies often fiercely resist admitting liability, but these legal actions can be won with thorough case preparation and skillful advocacy.

Do not discard or repair the product that caused the injury. This evidence is vital to your case.

Dangerous Consumer Product Accident Lawyers in San Francisco

Walker, Hamilton & Kearns, LLP is a team of personal injury attorneys with extensive experience in cases involving defective and dangerous products. We are highly knowledgeable regarding the law and have access to technical specialists who can document the reasons for the failure of the product. We are determined to succeed in every case we handle.

If you or a loved one has suffered harm due to a defective consumer product, call (415) 986-3339 for a free consultation with a lawyer.

Combining Technical Resources and Advocacy Skills

A defective product case often hinges on a highly technical analysis of the mode of product failure. Walker, Hamilton & Kearns, LLP draws upon the expertise of engineers, materials specialists and other technical experts to determine how the product failed and what the manufacturer could have done that would have prevented the failure.

Our attorneys will also pay close attention to your medical condition. Working with your physician or other medical specialists, we will learn about your current and future medical needs. We will seek money to pay for this care, as well as compensation for other economic and noneconomic losses.

Free Consultation With a Lawyer

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