Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Bad Faith

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Unfortunately, not all insurance providers operate on good faith. In fact, some go so far as to wrongfully deny an individual of the proper coverage that he or she is rightfully owed. “Insurance bad faith" is the technical term for the misbehaviors and/or malpractices of an insurance company. As the first state to develop the insurance bad faith law, California takes these types of claims very seriously, and so do we at Walker, Hamilton & Kearns, LLP.

If you are seeking a punitive damage award for an act of insurance bad faith, do not wait to meet with a San Francisco personal injury lawyer from our firm. Your initial consultation will cost you nothing, so call today!

What type of damages can be awarded for insurance bad faith?

California insurance bad faith law requires all insurance companies to act fairly to policyholders and to consider the interests of policyholders as equal to their own. It is when insurance providers do not act in this manner that legal action can be taken.

Acts of insurance bad faith for which policyholders can seek damages include:

  • Unreasonable denial of benefits
  • Unreasonable delay in processing a claim
  • Acting in a malicious manner
  • Emotional distress
  • Economic losses

Typically, a policyholder whose insurance provider is in breach of contract, i.e. wrongful denial of a claim, can be awarded the full amount of the original claim. A policyholder whose claim was unreasonably denied or unnecessarily delayed can be awarded more than just the full amount of the original claim. He or she can also be awarded damages for economic losses, as well as emotional distress.

In many cases of insurance bad faith, a policyholder can also seek damages for attorneys’ fees. At Walker, Hamilton & Kearns, LLP, we don’t charge our clients for any of our legal services unless we are successful in reaching a favorable result. If we secure you the damages that you rightfully deserve after experiencing insurance bad faith, we will also work to have your damages include what you would otherwise pay for legal representation.

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Insurance Bad Faith

Jul, 062020

Insurance Bad Faith

$1,325,000 settlement for cardiologist in a bad faith case in which his insurance carrier refused to pay him disability benefits

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